About us


The story of Dishwool starts with our team mom Thuy, who has been making Dishwools by hand since the early 1970s. For years, we begged our team mom to hand make the scrubbers and bring them along at Christmas; then, one day we realized that with our manufacturing connections we could make them on our own. A little bit of Thuy is in every scrubber we make — only now, she's been promoted to team Sherpa instead of lead manufacturer.


Dishwool scrubbers are simple, easy-to-use and efficient dish scrubbers for your kitchen sink. Made of nylon tulle netting, the low-density scrubbers easily capture and disburse soap, cutting down on the waste often seen in traditional yellow and green sponges. The low density material also makes the scrubbers easy to clean, cutting down on the odors often seen in traditional sponges. Press hard and use it as a scouring tool with your dutch oven or use it as a light scrubber for your delicate non-stick pan; either way, Dishwool can handle the job.